Featured Paiver: Kendall Klotz, Associate Recruiting Consultant


Name: Kendall Klotz

Age: 22

Role: Associate Consultant

Company: Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Connect: LinkedIn

1. Tell us about your current job.

I recently began my position in the role of an Associate Consultant with Beacon Hill Staffing Group. Coming into work is truly exciting because each day holds so much potential for success and growth! My role involves sourcing and getting to know candidates in order to best match them to their dream job. As the nature of recruiting and staffing is highly communicative, I feel lucky to be able to connect with such a wide array of people within my everyday.

2. What was your career path to becoming an Associate Consultant?

I first came into contact with Beacon Hill Staffing Group through my university's career fair and online platform called Handshake via Syracuse University. Handshake is a great tool that several colleges have begun to implement into their career networks. It essentially allows students a slight upper hand in finding employment and starting their careers through the use of its vast resources and company connections. As a communications major with a psychology background, recruiting seemed like the right direction to move toward for me.

3. What kinds of skills/qualities do you need to be an Associate Consultant?

As I am just beginning my career, I am constantly learning new skills and ways to improve all the time. I don't believe there is any particular cookie-cutter description, however, a few attributes that I feel are essential to this industry are to have a proactive mindset, to stay organized, to have a lot of confidence in your abilities, as well as to have a strong trust in your fellow coworkers.

4. Salary range of an Associate Consultant

For someone entry-level: $40K-$60K

5. Favorite career or life advice:

I definitely have plenty more to learn and gain, however, one piece of advice that has always lifted me up in uncertain times was to have confidence! I believe that it is critical to have confidence in yourself and your own abilities. In this day and age, it almost comes as second nature to second guess ourselves or to compare ourselves to others, but at the end of the day, your happiness is the most important thing. No matter the career path you decide to take, if you begin believing in your skills, other people will too and your potential will be endless.