Featured Paiver: Karrie Comfort Letu, Social Media Strategist

Name: Karrie Comfort Letu

Age: 22

Role: Social Media Strategist

Company: Glidewell

Connect: LinkedIn | Instagram

1. Tell us about your current job.

I currently work as the Social Media Team Lead at Glidewell, the world's largest dental laboratory. I truly enjoy where I work, because there is a lot of history to the company, as it’s coming up on its 50th anniversary. However, this comes with its own set of challenges since that means there are a great deal of stagnant ideas within the company, which has a more traditional view point. A regular day is spent strategizing about future campaigns, posting online, replying to comments, attending meetings with stakeholders, and reading to stay up-to-date on the dental industry. I also lead two other strategists who handle different entities within the company, which is just as rewarding.

2. What was your career path to becoming a Social Media Strategist?

Not planned, that's for sure! I entered college with the intent to become either a writer or an English teacher, and after realizing that neither were truly my passion in their current form, I decided to just apply for various internships that involved writing. I somehow fell into social media that way, since it requires writing and creativity in general, and I was addicted. I pursued a career at an agency soon after I graduated college.

3. What kinds of skills/qualities do you need to be a Social Media Strategist?

You need to be creative and have a good sense of how people are. Not who they are, but how, the psychology of what they want. Aside from that, being a social media strategist is being a little bit of everything and being able to sell yourself, whether it be in an internal corporate environment or to external clients. If you can write engaging captions, take aesthetic photos, or have a knack for data analytics, you are on your way to having the correct set of skills.

4. Salary range of a Social Media Strategist

$40k-$125k. Expect the lower end when you get out of college, expect the higher end with several years of experience and usually at a larger company. It also varies by industry. Whatever you do, look into averages in your location on Glassdoor, because you deserve to get paid!

5. Favorite career or life advice

Don't waste your time worrying about someone else's dream, AKA your current job. When you leave work leave work. They don't pay you to worry off the clock, so consider work/life balance a must.