Moving Out And Moving Up: 4 Unexpected Costs To Keep In Mind


By: Karrie Comfort

It’s time to move up in the world, and move on out! Whether you’re leaving your parents’ house, or finally making it out of the freshmen dorms, there are so many costs that I did not anticipate paying for when I went home hunting. Don’t get stuck with any sneaky costs, because the last thing anyone wants is to dip into savings or go into debt for a move. Plan ahead of time, save up, and save yourself a headache by keeping these top four unexpected moving costs in mind:

1. Rent

How is rent a surprise cost you ask? It’s not, but what might be a surprise to you is that depending on what time of year you move into your home sweet home, rent prices will change. They tend to rise during the time when most people make the big move - AKA summertime! If you have flexibility over when you can move, know that December-March tend to be better times to sign a lease. Save yourself some green!

2. Cleaning Supplies

Think about how quickly that new car smell disappears. That’s about how fast your brand-spanking-new apartment is going to get dirty, (sigh) so you should get your dirty ducks in a row and be ready! I personally feel like a good multi-purpose cleaner, dish soap, magic sponges for the tub, a broom, and a spray mop are a good place to start. If you want to get fancy wit’ it, I learned that a gang of sponges, a window cleaner, and a toilet bowl cleaner were my next purchases. You don’t want very boring, but ultra necessary costs like cleaning supplies to sneak up on you. 

3. Utilities (Trash? Wifi?)

Electricity and water, sure. But did you realize there are five utilities, including gas, trash, and sewer?! Yes, you are literally paying for pipes that go into the street to carry the crap out of your life. Usually trash and sewer are small, flat fees each month, but it is still a cost to ask your landlord or property management about upfront. And we would be behind the times if we didn’t note that WiFi is a utility that most people forget about until they realize they are burning through data trying to stream Stranger Things. Don’t get stuck mooching off of Starbucks wifi - get in the game and have your utilities set up from day one.

4. Pets

Before you buy that Shiba Inu or hairless Egyptian cat, realize that you are going to have to pay more for them to live with you. Some apartments or rental homes will charge you an additional premium on your rent, where as other places might just require a heftier safety deposit.