Meditation: A Guide for a Beginner by a Beginner

By El Hunter

Meditation is the art of relaxation and spiritual growth. It is not only about the correct way of breathing, but it is also about creating positive energies and letting go. When I first heard of meditation, I was a highly stressed high school student, and I started meditating to learn how to better cope with stress.

As soon as I learned the basics, I was able to create my own sessions—after around 10 guided sessions, I discovered what techniques worked the best for me. Even though I am still a beginner who doesn’t know enough about this incredible practice, somewhere along the way, I learned a few tips and tricks that could be useful for those who want to experience the beauty of meditation themselves. 

So here’s a list of things I learned while practicing meditation - how to start, when to start, and why to start:

1. Starting is easy

Habits develop over 21 days. In order to achieve the best results, meditation should be practiced every day on a linear pattern for those 21 days. For some, meditating once a week is enough, however, I do believe that in order to use it to the full advantage, meditation should be practiced daily.

In some cases, I would even recommend meditating in the morning and before going to bed.  Personally, I started with night meditations and later switched to morning practices. I felt like it was better to start my day by clearing out any negative thoughts and to set my goals for the day. On the other hand, night meditation is better for relaxing and reflecting on your day. Subjectively, I enjoyed meditation so much after my first two sessions that I incorporated it into my routine. If on any particular day you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed more than usual, try meditation with yoga. This will enhance the effects that meditation produces. 

2. Headspace

Now that I assured you that staring is easy, let me reveal a little more about a wonderful app. It’s called Headspace, and it provides you 10 free guided meditation sessions. The app teaches you some of the absolute basics of breathing and letting go, providing a great way to start your journey into meditation. When I used up all of my 10 sessions, I figured out what techniques worked the best for me when it comes to de-stressing. A notable feature of the app is that it also lets you choose the length of your session, if you are ever in a rush, you can choose a 10-minute session. 

3. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is a YouTuber and Yoga instructor with a focus on guided meditations. I watched her videos to practice both yoga and meditation, and she is a wonderful teacher. Her sessions are easy to follow at home,  and what I like the most about her channel is that no matter what your level of expertise is, you will be able to find a session that suits you.

I used to only practice yoga by watching Adriene, however, when I discovered that she also does meditation on the side, I started doing guided sessions with her. When I ran out of free sessions on Headspace I started to look for other resources. There are thousands of guided meditation videos on YouTube, but in my opinion, Adriene is your best bet.

4. Where to Practice?

The fundamental rule for meditating is that you need to do it in a place where you would not be disturbed. Obviously, practicing meditation outside is significantly better as it allows you to create a connection with nature. Personally, I am a lazy person who mostly stays in my room, so I like to practice meditation on my bed for comfort purposes. If you know that you will not be able to fully relax at home for whatever reasons, I definitely suggest that you find a quiet park and practice meditation there. It doesn’t matter where and when you practice, as long as you are happy in that place

5. Overall Benefits

Meditation is the art of letting go. It is used to create positive energies, to relax and to grow spiritually. For me, meditation is about opening your third eye and setting the right goals. However, noting that to each and everyone, meditation is different. There is still no doubt that it can be beneficial for everyone. I perpetually recommend meditation to anyone who is stressed or feeling a bit down lately. 

So there you have it! A list of personal advice from a beginner. If you ever do decide to dabble in the practice of meditation, you will see for yourself how amazing it is. Go and explore it for yourself!

About the Author
El Hunter was born in Russia, but moved to Spain when she was a teenager. Later she attended a boarding school in Wales where she developed her passion for writing. Now, she is studying Media and Information in Amsterdam, and one day, she hopes to become an editor of a newspaper.