Fluehr & Joelle: The Dynamic Duo You Need

Founders Rebecca Joelle Michelson (left) and Kelsey Fluehr Trainor (right) | Photo by    Jonathan Young

Founders Rebecca Joelle Michelson (left) and Kelsey Fluehr Trainor (right) | Photo by Jonathan Young

Interview by Wen Hsiao

Fluehr & Joelle is your best friend.

Kelsey Fluehr Trainor and Rebecca Joelle Michelson both love showing support to their talented friends and helping them in any way possible. It is something they have always been passionate about. In 2018, they both left their prosperous careers as a licensed attorney and a casting and television producer and together, created Fluehr & Joelle.

What is Fluehr & Joelle? Fluehr & Joelle is a brand consulting company that utilizes strategic social media marketing, personal branding, and original content creation to optimize client outreach and create unique opportunities.

With its mantra, “your brand + our network”, it is no secret how Trainor and Michelson value preserving the identities of their clients. They plan to utilize their networks—the connections they have built and fostered through their years of experience within the industry, to aid their clients into success and guide them to the best opportunities.

I was fortunate enough to speak with both Trainor and Michelson about their past professional experiences and hear them provide insight about their upcoming venture with the launch of Fluehr & Joelle just around the corner.

Kelsey, What led to your transition from law to entertainment? On the surface, they seem highly different, what have you found to be similar between the two?  

Trainor: I've always had a strong interest in telling stories & have been adjacent to the entertainment industry for years. I've known actors, producers, directors, but had never been in it myself. After law school, I realized that many parts of the law are similar to many parts of the entertainment industry. For example, many trial attorneys take improv classes because the ability to think quickly and on your feet in the courtroom is incredibly important when a judge is asking you questions or a part of the trial doesn't go as you thought. Even opening and closing arguments are long monologues where tone and expression and movement matter, much like in acting. When I was given the incredible opportunity to jump into the entertainment industry, I could not turn it down.

I’m personally a big fan of legal dramas on television (Drop Dead Diva, Suits, Better Call Saul, Ally McBeal, etc), what is something legal dramas get right or wrong about being a lawyer?

Trainor: Where do I start? The thing about practicing law is that there are many parts of it that are tedious and long and strung out and not at all the type of drama or spectacle that people would like to see. Trials are long. They are filled with exhibits and repetitive questioning and objection after objection. And there is a formality to it that is not at all spicy to a viewer. So most of the actual practice of law you see on tv is cut down, shortened dramatized versions of what actually happens. As a lawyer, I will watch a show and say "That's not what happens!" or "That would never happen" but working in entertainment, I know that drama sells and often the practice of law is in the finer details.

Rebecca, from your undergraduate education to your later career as a freelance content creator, what would you change about the entertainment and digital media industry?

Michelson: I think the amazing part of the entertainment and digital media industry is that it is constantly changing. With the rise of social media and technology, we, as artists, are able to create our own content and make a change ourselves. If you don’t see what you like represented on television or online, make it yourself. Create your own opportunities - that has been my motto over the past few years. Youtube is a great tool for that. All around you, there are talented people who want to create. We already have the power to change everything.

Rebecca, to have worked both in the entertainment industry and as a freelancer, do you think it shaped your perspective while creating Fluehr & Joelle with Kelsey?

Michelson: I have learned a lot of what I know about content creation, communication and networking from working in the entertainment industry as a freelancer. When Kelsey and I met, we immediately clicked and knew we could use our combined skill sets to create something magical. If I could go back to my 21-year-old self graduating college, I honestly wouldn’t change anything about the path I took to get here. I think you have to experiment and try different things in order to get to where are meant to be.

Was it a difficult process to decide to quit your previous jobs and begin this joint venture? What impacted your decision?

We were both working in entertainment and learning so much from our individual experiences, but we came to a point where we wanted to be a bigger part of the creative process and putting out content we could be proud of. When we realized we were on parallel paths and had similar values, it made sense for us to finally cross our paths. We are both strong women who have worked hard in our respective careers, but the longer we worked, the more we realized that we wanted to have careers where we were able to follow our passions and help other people.

I especially love Fluehr & Joelle’s mantra, “your brand + our network”, noting the company’s mantra, in what ways does Fluehr + Joelle help to highlight a talent’s brand to career opportunities?  

We are both firm believers that people are multifaceted and have a vast array of interests. That’s why “your brand + our network” is so important to us because it’s reflective of our clients & audience. If you’re a fan of Broadway, that does not mean you only like Broadway. You may also like sports or nature or health and beauty. Merging athletes and actors and stylists and companies together and creating opportunities in different fields results in some of the most interesting and insightful content.

What do you find to be the most rewarding when working on Fluehr & Joelle?

We really enjoy seeing our clients grow and succeed. It’s so rewarding to create something together and then see it turn into something larger than a client thought possible. We are both fans of our clients and helping them realize how incredible and talented they bring us such personal joy.

Following the launch of Fluehr & Joelle, what is the plan to initiate clients?

We will be opening our roster to new clients after the launch. So far, our clients have come to us very organically and we anticipate that will continue post-launch, but we’re also very excited for new opportunities that may come our way. Our roster of clients already spans across multiple industries, but the idea of expanding further is appealing to us.

In Fluehr & Joelle’s plan to foster authentic connections to people, what is a key point of the process?

I think the answer is in the question: authenticity. We pride ourselves on being genuine and authentic and we express to our clients the importance of being themselves. If it’s real, it’s relatable and if it’s relatable, it’s commercial. People are attracted to things in other people that they can relate to and a consumer can tell when a social media profile or interview is curated and not genuine.

What can the readers expect from Fluehr & Joelle in the coming months?

That’s a secret we’ll never tell. XOXO Fluehr & Joelle. Haha, just kidding. We’re really focusing on developing our client base, forging new partnerships for current clients, and evolving to a model that expands original content. We are so excited to officially launch on April 23rd and share our work with the world!


Through conversation, what really allowed me to connect with Fluehr & Joelle’s brand is their sincere commitment to forming real and lasting connections with people, whether it be the people on their roster or prospective clients, Trainor and Michelson want to get to know who they are working with.

In many ways, I admire that.

When you are starting out, it can be scary and difficult navigating and figuring what opportunities are right for you. It is refreshing to have people who understand the industry by your side and to your aid. The genuine relationships Fluehr & Joelle build with you is exactly what I wish I had—a mentor. Someone that helps you figure out your identity, assist you to evolve and understand your brand.

Their current roster includes people of all fields, from film, television, and theatre to law and marketing.

Trainor’s background as a successful licensed attorney and her expertise in film and television allowed her to view things on both conscious and creative angles. Her keen interest in storytelling brought her forward on the path of entertainment. She highlights the similarities between her work in law and later entertainment, with the nature of improvisation and attention to movement and tone.  

Michelson’s accomplished background as a casting and television producer, and her academic achievements at Northeastern University (degree in Communication studies) and General Assembly (degree in Digital Marketing), makes her truly a master of the entertainment industry. Her time working as a freelance content creator makes her sympathetic and understanding of what Fluehr & Joelle’s clients are going through.

With the highly anticipated Fluehr & Joelle’s launch right around the corner, I cannot wait to witness the heights Trainor and Michelson will achieve in the future.

You can keep up with Fluehr & Joelle on Instagram and Twitter, follow Fluehr & Joelle on Instagram here and Twitter here. Fluehr & Joelle is expected to launch on April 23rd, 2019.

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