Featured Paiver: Christina Vo, Student & Intern

Name: Christina Vo

Age: 16

Role: Student/Intern

Company: Stanford University, Santa Clara County Public Health, and Safe Squad Mobile App

Connect: LinkedIn | Instagram

1. Tell us about your current internships.

At my internship at Stanford, I’m working on the Facial HAAC research project with students, faculty, and staff to research and create a methodology for compressing facial images into smaller files through the use of human interaction and other platforms. I am specifically focusing on the psychology aspect of facial recognition, gathering data and composing experiments to see which specific facial feature is most distinguishable when differentiating between people and how humans can tell each other apart.

With Santa Clara County Public Health, I am working on updating and composing a new Ryan White HIV/AIDS Client Benefits Guide, an essential resource for clients to learn about the resources and services available in the county.

Lastly, my work with Safe Squad Mobile App ranges from social media to writing articles for our blog to creating campus ambassador programs, and composing projects that allow us to engage more with the community!

2. What was your path to landing 3 internships?

I applied to a rigorous research internship program at Stanford, and after being selected, students were grouped together to take on multifaceted projects specific to their existing interests and strengths. With Santa Clara County, I went through an application and interview process and was chosen as the intern for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. With Safe Squad, I contacted Mercedes, the founder of Safe Squad, through Instagram to see if we could hop on a call to discuss how I could get involved, and she was so impressed by our call that she asked if I could intern for them!

3. What kinds of skills/qualities do you need as an intern?

Passion and enthusiasm in the work, being proactive in going above and beyond the bare minimum, reliability and capability of completing daily tasks, and critical thinking when dealing with roadblocks and solving problems.

4. How do you see your internship helping you in your future career path?

I see all my internships helping me in my future career path as a surgeon, because not only am I gaining valuable work experience from researching to articulating information to socializing with people about the work I do, but I’m strengthening and advancing my existing and new essential skill sets.

5. How do you balance school and interning?

I can not stress time management enough! I like to schedule all meetings and class days in a calendar, so I know what tasks and work I need to complete each day. In addition, knowing your limit and how much you can do really helps because we are all human beings who need time to take care of ourselves and simply can’t do everything without taking a break!

6. Favorite career or life advice

Know your value. Realize what you bring to the table, and don’t shortchange yourself.