Featured Paiver: Cassandra Castillo, Makeup Influencer + Licensed Cosmetologist

Name: Cassandra Castillo

Age: 19 Years Old

Role: Makeup Influencer/ Licensed Cosmetologist 

1. Tell us about your current job.

I’m currently a hairstylist and makeup artist working at Thomas Edward Salon and Dry Bar in Temecula California. Aside from that, I’m also a micro MUA influencer on Instagram. At the salon I currently work at, I specialize in bridal/special occasion hair and makeup. I’m also a hair colorist where I customize all of my clients’ hair color to their desires. My job is rewarding to me because I get to give my clients something that they want. I never know who is sitting in my chair or what they are going through, and if what I do makes them feel the slightest bit of happiness and satisfaction then I know I’m doing something right. My second “job” is Instagram and sharing my knowledge in makeup. I love to create art with different makeup styles, and I genuinely believe it’s a therapeutic and creative way to express yourself. My goal is to just spread positivity and self-expression as much as I can and let my following know that makeup is more than just covering something up. It’s a way to grow confidence, artistic skill, and an outlet to make yourself happy. 

2. What was your career path to becoming a Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist?

In high school, I went back and forth with myself on whether I wanted to be a plastic surgeon or a makeup artist. I felt like the teachers and even students around me were telling me that I needed college to be successful and make money. But I grew up with a beautiful and talented mother, Pauline Castillo, who is a licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist of 26 years. Seeing her do what she loves as her career really made me second guess my career path. I knew I always loved hair and makeup, but didn’t know if I could actually be successful in it. Fast forward, 6 months after I graduated, I decided to enroll in Paul Mitchell School, and I am now a licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist working at a 5-star rated salon at the age of 19. Throughout my journey to my career, I’ve had nothing but support from my family and boyfriend. 

3. What kinds of skills/qualities do you need to be a Makeup Artist?

You don’t need any skills. I sure didn’t when I first started. It’s all about practice and teaching yourself. Each artist has their own skills that works best for them. But you do need the qualities of a hard worker, an artistic mind, and full willingness to understand the different canvases you could have in your chair. Every client is different, so as a makeup artist, you need to be prepared to give your client what THEY want. Not every technique is going to work for every person. You have to customize your skills and work each time someone new sits in your chair. That’s what makes a makeup artist a TRUE artist.

4. Salary range of a Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, your salary range really depends on whether you are working for a company or you are a freelancer. When you’re a freelancer, you’re able to really set your own prices for your services. Every makeup artist charges differently depending on what they are doing. There’s glam makeup, natural, dramatic/avant-garde, wedding, or celebrity makeup. As a makeup artist you have free range of what you charge for your art. 

5. Favorite career or life advice

You can be successful in whatever you do. Whether it’s being a doctor or cleaning houses or painting art. Don’t let society tell you what career makes more money or makes you most successful. Because if you put in the work and truly do what you can to be successful, then you can do anything. There is no spectrum. There is no limit. You don’t need college, you don’t need school, you don’t need skill, you don’t need anything other than a mind full of ambition that will drive you to work hard and make your dream a reality. People thought I wouldn’t be successful “just doing hair and makeup”. Well I’m 19 years old, a licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist working at a top rated salon in my town, I have 100k beautiful supporters on IG, I’m a brand ambassador for some of the biggest makeup companies such as Laura Mercier, Lancôme, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Milk Makeup, and so much more. And my accomplishments don’t stop there, and there will be more in the future. So don’t let anyone tell you what job is or is not successful. If you’re making, then you’re successful.